New Hampshire Asylum for the insane was opened in 1842 and later changed its name in 1901 to the New Hampshire state hospital to sound more welcoming to the hundreds of people who were being admitted. The property sits on 120 acres which includes a cemetery and garden where patients were encouraged to help with the crops.

Female patients were housed on the southern side of the U shaped building while male patients were housed separate on the northern side. This is one of the very few hospitals that is still open. Much of the original structure is condemned, however the portion of the building that is still open is used for state offices as well as living quarters for those who continue to suffer from mental disability.

 In the condemned portion of the building, the basement still has shackles chained to the wall where psychiatric evaluations and dental procedures took place. Many mental institutions would pull teeth from the mouth of patients who had tendencies to bite along with several other inhumane procedures.  There are many claims that this location is one of the most haunted places in New Hampshire. Some of the many stories include hearing footsteps, feeling cold spots, witnessing elevators start on their own, paperwork being pushed off of the counter, and feeling an unwanted presence following and watching you.

Many people and paranormal investigators have shown interest in investigating the location but as it is still a running facility, nobody has been able to gain permission. To honor the privacy of those living and working in the New Hampshire state hospital, there have been no official investigations, although there are hundreds of investigators patiently waiting in the wings for the opportunity to gain entry into this historic haunted location.