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New England Supernatural Support is a team of paranormal investigators who are focused on providing a scientific approach in order to provide peace of mind and a level of comfort to our clients in their homes and businesses.  In order to support this process our team employs the following equipment in our investigations:

Infrared surveillance cameras (8) on closed Q-See DVR system
Digital voice recorders (9)(Olympus/Sony)
Full spectrum video camera with peripheral DVR
Digital still cameras
Sony Handycam hand-held video cameras (2)
KII meters
Tri-Field meter
Geiger counter
Laser grid projector
Motion detectors (6)
Weather Stations – portable and standalone
iOvilus (a device that detects and tries to interpret changes in the environment)
Trigger objects – bells/small toys/balls/ribbon
Flashlights – standard, UV, and IR types
Camera mounts: tripods/GorillaPods/Tentikles 
AV cables
Hard ballistic cases for transport

We welcome donations from our friends and clients! You may view our NESS Wish List here: